We offer complex design services - using our experience and expertise we provide timely and reliable solutions to address your needs.

We have many years of experience both in developing products and providing design services. We would be happy to help you in any part of IC design process.

We do:

  • existing system assessment
  • Matlab modelling
  • architecture analysis and design
  • IP design
  • system verification
  • verification tools design
  • test plan development
  • FPGA prototyping

We are experienced in:

  • Low Power Design techniques
  • Multiple Power Domain systems
  • RF communication and technology
  • Multiple Clock Domain design
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • embedded programming
  • mixed signal design
  • functional and post-layout verification

Areas of the design proces:

  • system level architecture modeling and analysis
  • digital ASIC and FPGA design
  • synthesis and STA
  • functional and post-layout verification
  • analog design
  • analog layouts with DRC, LVS and LPE
  • analog verification

Some of our products and completed projects, delivered to our customers:


A contactless chip designed to secure NFC cards. ActiveBlocker is based on NFC technology. Upon 13.56MHz RF waves detection, the card starts to emit disruptive transmission, which effectively blocks access to all proximity cards within its range.



OmniReader is a verification tool, built around the core containing shared functionality. Detachable modules include signal generators and decoders for testing specific interfaces and protocols.
NFC FPGA platform

- supports most NFC protocols
  (ISO14443A, ISO14443B,
  FeliCa, NFCIP-1)
- SPI communication with host
- RAM controller
- external commands support
- hardware anticollision support
Digital part of NFC chip

- ISO15693 support
- EEPROM controller
- SPI communication with host
- analog controls
- resource management
QPSK demodulator system

- digital PLL
- microprocessor interface
- RAM controller
- data decoding
- error correction
Functional models for verification purposes

Test plans for post-TO engineering evaluation

Analog layouts

Analog simulations for verification purposes

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