OmniReader for OmniReading

OmniReader is a versatile, modular verification tool. It makes test design easy and efficient.


Written in pure Verilog 2005 (without VPI/PLI), OmniReader is compatible with virtually every simulation tool on the market.
Easy language
OmniReader uses a simple pseudo-language as stimuli inputs. It gives test engineers ability to write tests without any knowledge of the internal architecture of the chip. No hardware description language proficiency is required.
OmniReader is equipped with many modules and even more can be added. It can be used to check the external interfaces but also to monitor the internal state of the chip.
OmniReader can be configured and tailored to specific needs in a few easy steps. Most of the settings can be changed by the simulator options or in text configuration file.
Modular architecture allows to select only required features, optimizing compilation time and simulation performance for specific projects.
Using our pseudo-language, it is much easier to design and write many different scenarios for the chip, including all the external interfaces. This makes achieving high code coverage simpler and faster and also improves functionality coverage.
Thanks to our proprietary pseudo-language based architecture, compilation and elaboration are performed only once per every batch of simulations. It dramatically reduces the verification time.


OmniReader is built around the core containing shared functionality. Detachable modules include signal generators and decoders for testing specific interfaces and protocols.

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