From your idea to reality - we will help you design your device and prepare it for mass production.

At OmniChip we specialize in:

Whole production process control - from schematics to PCB layout and production optimization for reliability and cost

We choose the best architecture and components based on your requirements and specifications. Our solutions are always tailored to your needs.

We can design the whole electronic device basing on your concepts and ideas. Starting with PCB design, through in-lab testing and certification process ending with enclosure and packaging.

Our experience in IC design allows our engineers to design complex electronic systems all the way down to individual transistors.

Whether your project entails high speed constraint-driven requirements, routing, or basic I/Os, our engineers and technical staff have the expertise to deliver comprehensive designs that are top quality, well-managed, and on-time.

We can also modify exiting projects, bringing them up to date and replacing obsolete components while maintaining backward compatibility.

PCB Design Services

  • High Density with backdrilling, via-in-pad, micro, buried and blind vias (epoxy and conductive fill)
  • High speed, multi-layer digital designs (controlled impedance, differential pairs, matched lengths)
  • Design for energetics and commercial applications
  • Extensive analog design experience including low signal acqusition for
  • metering
  • Extensive EMC/EMI design experience
  • High current / Voltage designs
  • Mixed electronics
  • Complete assembly drawings
  • Professional fabrication documents
  • Heat sinks matching
  • Design for Manufacturability
  • Design for Testability
  • Design for Reliability
  • Electronic device production cost optimalization
  • Rules Driven Designs
  • Analog Circuit Simulation
  • Thermal Engineering
  • Design according to Standards and Certifications
  • In lab prototype testing (EMC/EMI, vibration, climatic chamber)
  • Certification process management
  • Final test documents
  • RoHS compliant designs
  • Packaging, Enclosure, and Industrial Design

Printed Circuit Board Design Software

Completed or current projects:
Phoenix-PRIME Board
Phoenix-PRIME Board
Data Concentrator Unit
Data Concentrator Unit
3-phase and 1-phase Smart Meters
3-phase and 1-phase Smart Meters
FPGA Evaluation System
FPGA Evaluation System
FPGA Demonstration Platform
FPGA Demonstration Platform
Remote Switching Device
Remote Switching Device

Phoenix PRIME-Board

  • Featuring Freescale's Kinetis K21
  • Custom AFE built on top of TI's AFE031
  • Host interface via UART over USB
  • Easy to integrate into custom products (smart meters)
  • Passed PRIME certification



Data Concentrator Unit
  • Featuring Freescale's Vybrid5
  • PRIME communication (passed electrical certification)
  • Cost competitive
  • Overvoltage Category III
  • 3-phase voltage and current measurements (accuracy better than 0.2%)
  • Expected lifetime 8 years
3-phase and 1-phase Smart Meters
  • Featuring Freescale's Vybrid3
  • Voltage and current measurements
  • PRIME communication
  • USB support
  • Ethernet support
  • Overvoltage Category III
FPGA Evaluation System
  • Featuring Xilinx's Spartan6
  • Host communication via USB
  • USB power supply
  • Thermal shroud tests compatibility
  • PCB antenna
FPGA Demonstration Platform
  • Featuring Xilinx's Artix7
  • USB power supply
  • External supply support
  • Host communication via USB
  • Currents measurements ports
 Remote Switching Device
  • 20 years of expected lifetime
  • Optional 2G/3G/4G modem
  • Up to 3x SPDT 25A switches
  • Relay presence detection
  • MEMS motion sensor: 3-axis digital gyroscope with accelerometer
  • Overvoltage Category IV
  • Supercap or battery backup

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